Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Dart Association?
The National Dart Association is the official sanctioning body for the sport of soft-tip electronic darting. The emphasis of the trade association is the promotion, recognition and standardization of league play. The NDA is an international organization with members from eight countries. Over 46,000 players are sanctioned annually, participating in dart leagues run by our members in over 10,000 locations worldwide.

What is sanctioning?
The NDA authorizes and supports soft-tip, electronic dart leagues run by its operator members. One way we do this is through player sanctioning.

Why should I become a NDA sanctioned player?
There are many benefits to becoming a NDA sanctioned player including exclusive tournaments, international recognition and rankings, a world-wide community of darters and much more!

How do I become a sanctioned player?
To become a NDA sanctioned player you must participate in a league run by a NDA operator member. The NDA sanction fee is $8 for U.S. players, $4.50 for international players and $8 for junior players. Click here to locate a NDA operator member in your area.

Why should I become a NDA operator member?
The NDA has always been and will continue to be an operator association. In that spirit, the NDA is dedicated to providing numerous benefits to its members in an effort to assist them with their business.

How do I become a NDA operator member?
Membership in the National Dart Association will entitle you to all materials, benefit and privileges available to qualified members. The NDA offers various tools to assist your leagues, but you are under no obligation to incorporate league rules, handicapping or scoring into your business if it is not in the best interest of your local league development.

To apply for membership, you must meet all eligibility requirements and complete a membership application

What is Team Dart?
Team Dart is the world's largest international soft-tip dart tournament, drawing over 10,000 entrants from over six countries. Singles, doubles, triples and team events are offered over nine days of competition. Team Dart offers opportunities for world class competition for all levels of play, from novice to masters.

How do I qualify for Team Dart?
Click here to view Team Dart eligibility requirements. 

How do I get ranked?
To qualify in the rankings system, players must play in NDA-sanctioned leagues and tournaments. A player must play in the minimum of 24 games of '01 and Cricket to be considered. If you do not find yourself in the rankings system contact your local operator. The rankings area is maintained by the operators and they supply the information for the rankings system.

What is the Know the Rules program?
Do you ever feel like you spend half your league nights arguing over the correct rules? The Know the Rules program provides a solution for this problem. This program is created for players who want to learn more about the NDA's Official Rules of Play. To become a Top Flite Member of the Know the Rules program you must complete and pass an open book test that covers the rules of electronic darts. Click here for additional details.

How do I become a NDA Certified Referee?
To become a NDA Certified Referee you must complete the Referee Certification course that is offered at Team Dart and at League SMART. This course is open only to NDA operator members, company representatives and sanctioned players. The cost of the course is $50 and covers registration, resources and handling charges. A written test will be given to each attendee and must be passed to obtain Class V Certification. Eight hours of unpaid, supervised training with a Class II or higher Referee is required to achieve your Class IV certification.

What are NDA-affiliated tournaments?
NDA-affiliated tournaments are tournaments that have partnered with the NDA in order to help grow their tournament. Current NDA-affiliated state and regional tournaments include: CO, FL, IA, IN, MI, MN, SD, WY and Western Canada. For specific tournament details, visit the Event Calendar.