2014 NDA Regionals Come to Successful Close in Minnesota

December 17, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS –The final AMOA- National Dart Association Regional Tournament of the year was held in Rochester, Minnesota, Dec. 12 -14. The tournament attracted 170 players from 14 NDA operator members across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota.

The NDA Minnesota Regional saw more than 260 event entry certificates in Open Singles 501, Open Singles Cricket, Open Doubles Cricket, Open Doubles ’01 and Mixed Triples Combo. A total of 131 winning places were awarded.

By producing more winners than any tournament of its size and providing local value to sanctioned players, the NDA Regional Tournaments have been a huge success amongst players.

“The level of competition has been good and the format has been great,” said Pat Beyers, D&R Star. “It has been seamless play, lots of fun and the tournament was set-up really well.”  

NDA tournaments allow players to enter more than one event, such as Singles 501 and Doubles Cricket, giving them more chances to win and more opportunities to play throughout the weekend.  All events are classified by skill rating and ability, providing a competitive experience where players only play those that play like them.

“I went to the Regional in Madison last year and it was well run which I enjoyed,” said Lane Helgeson, Red’s Novelty. “I really enjoyed the players and it was fun to be there without pros and with a great group of players. I was impressed with how nice and smooth the tournament ran, so that’s why I drove over 200 miles to be here in Minnesota.”  

First place winners at the Rochester Regional were:

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 1: Melton, Nepstad, Shaner  

Singles Cricket, Level 4:

Bob Riederer

Doubles Cricket, Level 4:

J Squared  

Doubles 501, Level 2:

Beyers and Johnson

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 2:

Fargo Trio  

Singles Cricket, Level 5:

Donnie Wetzel  

Singles 501, Level 1:

Lane Helgeson  

Doubles 501, Level 3:

Gary and Dan

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 3:

Franz, Hameister, Ginapp

Singles Cricket, Level 6:

Erich Doll  

Singles 501, Level 2:

Nick Giorno   

Doubles 501, Level 4:

The Calm & The Storm

Singles Cricket, Level 1:

Lane Helgeson  

Doubles Cricket, Level 1:

Baukin and Pergande  

Singles 501, Level 3:

Blaise Deckert  


Singles Cricket, Level 2:

Pat Beyers  

Doubles Cricket, Level 2:

Klimavicz and Sears  

Singles 501, Level 4:

Colby Mehrkens


Singles Cricket, Level 3:
Blaise Deckert

Doubles Cricket, Level 3:

Giorno and Schaefer  

Doubles 501, Level 1:
Gabriel and Helgeson


The next NDA Tournament is the 30th anniversary of Team Dart at Bally’s Las Vegas, May 1-9. Team Dart is the largest international electronic dart tournament. Details can be found at www.NDAdarts.com/teamdart.