AMOA-NDA Announces Exciting New Schedule for Team Dart 2016

April 27, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS – The AMOA-National Dart Association (NDA) is pleased to announce a new, shortened schedule for Team Dart 2016. To be held April 22-27, at Bally’s Las Vegas, next year’s tournament will feature six days of competition.

This new schedule, in response to NDA operator and player feedback, makes it easier and more affordable for players to stay the entire tournament and get the full Team Dart experience. Schedule details can be found online at , and below.

Friday, April 22

8 a.m. Team 501, Round 1
4 p.m. Open Singles 501

Saturday, April 23

8 a.m. Team 501, Round 2
            Team 501, Masters Final
4 p.m. Open Doubles Cricket

Sunday, April 24

8 a.m. Team 501 Finals
4 p.m. Open Doubles 501

Monday, April 25

8 a.m. Team Cricket, Round 1
4 p.m. Open Singles Cricket

Tuesday, April 26

8 a.m. Team Cricket, Round 2
            Team Cricket, Masters Final
4 p.m. Mixed Triples Combo
4 p.m. Senior Singles

Wednesday, April 27

8 a.m. Team Cricket Finals
10 a.m. VIP Doubles Blind Draw
10 a.m. International Challenge
4 p.m. Mixed Doubles Cricket

Team Dart is held annually at Bally’s Las Vegas, allowing players to experience Las Vegas at a central location for full vacation benefits. The tournament hall, which is large enough to hold the entire tournament, is located just steps away from Bally’s casino and sleeping rooms.

With more than 2,500 players from around the world Team Dart is the world’s largest international electronic dart tournament. The tournament is unique compared to all others because skill levels range from beginners to masters and all participants are classified into levels according to their individual or team’s skill rating.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to offer everyone a chance to experience all of Team Dart, with a six day competition schedule instead of nine,” said Alvin Gerlach, president of the NDA. “This shortened schedule was asked for by operators and players, and means less money out of pocket for travel expenses and more opportunities to play in additional events and win. We hope to see everyone in Vegas next year, as we roll out this exciting change.”

For more information contact the NDA at 800.808.9884 or