More Than Half of NDA Colorado Regional Tournament Players Win Money

September 24, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS –The AMOA–National Dart Association kicked off its Regional Tournament series Sept. 19-21, at the Moose Lodge in Longmont, Colorado.  The NDA awarded payouts to more than half of the 101 players sent by eight NDA operators from across South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado to compete.

Operators participating in the tournament purchased 150 event entry certificates in Open Singles 501, Open Singles Cricket, Open Doubles Cricket, Open Doubles ’01 and Mixed Triples Combo.  

NDA tournaments allow players to enter more than one event, such as Singles 501 and Doubles Cricket, giving them more chances to win, and more reasons to make it an event with family and friends.  All events are classified by skill rating and ability, providing a competitive experience where players only play those that play like them.

First place winners were as follows:

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 1: Team Zoo

Singles Cricket, Level 3: Stacey Page

Doubles Cricket, Level 3: Brennen Henry & Adam Norman

Doubles 501, Level 1:
Moore & Pace

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 2:
Team The Subs

Singles Cricket, Level 4:
Corinne Jones

Singles 501, Level 1:
Danny Pace

Doubles 501, Level 2:
Gilchrist & Newhouse

Singles Cricket, Level 1:
Dan Moore

Doubles Cricket, Level 1:
Dan Moore & Danny Pace

Singles 501, Level 2:
Oscar Portales Sr.

Doubles 501, Level 3:
Moore & Thompson

Singles Cricket, Level 2:
Jim Simmons

Doubles Cricket, Level 2:
Jeff Gilchrist & Jim Newhouse

Singles 501, Level 3:
David Garcia

For those wishing to compete in Team Dart, the Regional Tournaments also have the added benefit of additional game practice and offer players the opportunity to win entries to the annual international tournament held at Bally’s Las Vegas, May 1-9.

The next Regional Tournament will be held in Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 24-26, at the Fort Rapids Resort featuring an indoor water park. Players can bring the whole family for a weekend away, full of fun and darts.

The Ohio tournament is open to any NDA-sanctioned player with 48 games played for a NDA operator between Jan. 1 and Oct. 3, 2014. There is still time to become eligible. Talk to a NDA operator today and find full details at

The final NDA Regional will be held Dec. 12-14, in Rochester, Minnesota.