NDA Regional Tournament Breaks Records: Columbus, Ohio sees most players compete in a NDA Regional to date

November 7, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS –The AMOA- National Dart Association held a Regional Tournament in Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 24 -26. The first to be held in Ohio, the regional competition drew in 229 players sent by 15 NDA operators from across Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia to compete, making it the largest NDA Regional Tournament to date.

Providing local value to sanctioned players, the NDA Regional Tournaments have been a huge success amongst players.

“It’s nice to have NDA events close to home versus having to fly to Vegas,” said Brandon Kessler, a player with City Amusement from Carey, Ohio. “It gives local talent a chance to play who may not be able to afford coming out to Vegas.”

Events included Open Singles 501, Open Singles Cricket, Open Doubles Cricket, Open Doubles ’01 and Mixed Triples Combo.  

NDA tournaments allow players to enter more than one event, such as Singles 501 and Doubles Cricket, giving them more chances to win, and more reasons to make it an event with family and friends.  All events are classified by skill rating and ability, providing a competitive experience where players only play those that play like them.

“I’ve only been playing darts a few years,” said Gary Adams, a player with Rabbit Darts from Dearborn Heights, Michigan. “It’s [NDA Regionals] a way for me to gain experience, learn and meet new people. This was also my first time playing in Level 1 so it was cool to be playing with the best.”

First place winners were as follows:

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 1: Collins, Garmire, Yablonsky

Singles Cricket, Level 4:

Pat Routt

Singles 501, Level 1:

Gregg Fountaine

Singles 501, Level 7:

Sean Green

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 2:

Timber’s Trouble

Singles Cricket, Level 5:

Jana Enderle

Singles 501, Level 2:

Kiley Andre

Doubles 501, Level 1:
Fernando and Webb

Mixed Triples Combo, Level 3:

Two at a Time Baby

Singles Cricket, Level 6:

Sean Green

Singles 501, Level 3:

Andrew Yablonsky 

Doubles 501, Level 2:


Singles Cricket, Level 1:

TJ Engleman

Doubles Cricket, Level 1:

Finley and May

Singles 501, Level 4:

James Auer

Doubles 501, Level 3:

Andrew Yablonsky

Singles Cricket, Level 2:

Jason Davis

Doubles Cricket, Level 2:

Kunkeli and Auer

Singles 501, Level 5:

Holly Thompson

Doubles 501, Level 4:

Elamon 2

Singles Cricket, Level 3:
Phil Garmire

Doubles Cricket, Level 3:

Fisher and Kinslow

Singles 501, Level 6:

Karen Montgomery

Doubles 501, Level 5:

Maine and Stamm

For those wishing to compete in Team Dart, the Regional Tournaments also have the added benefit of additional game practice and offer players the opportunity to win entries to the annual international tournament held at Bally’s Las Vegas, May 1-9.

The next Regional Tournament will be held in Rochester, Minnesota, Dec. 12 - 14, at the Rochester Marriott Mayo Clinic Area.

The Minnesota tournament is open to any NDA-sanctioned player with 48 games played for a NDA operator between Jan. 1 and Nov. 21, 2014. There is still time to become eligible. Talk to a NDA operator today and find full details at www.NDAdarts.com/regionals.