NDA Tournaments Move to Prepaid Player Fees

August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS –After much thought and debate following overwhelming feedback from players, the AMOA-National Dart Association announced it will implement prepaid player fees for all upcoming tournaments beginning with the Regional Tournament series this fall.

With many state and regional tournaments in the industry having moved to prepaid fees, players have become used to not having this additional onsite cost as well as the significant convenience this provides.

With eligibility and qualification requirements in place, NDA tournaments are an important benefit to members and their leagues. Noting this, it is important the NDA continue to adapt and make these tournaments attractive to the players.

NDA prepaid fees will be collected per entry certificate, making it easier for the operator to track. Singles certificates will include a $10 fee, doubles a $20 fee, triples a $15 fee and team a $60 fee.

Moving to prepaid fees helps improve the player experience by speeding up play and giving them the opportunity to budget ahead of time meaning more money in pocket to enjoy the tournament.

If players enjoy the tournament they are more likely to attend again, meaning they are playing qualifying games in NDA-run leagues at operator locations and participating in operator tournaments and events.

“Green fees have been asked for by the players for several years”, said Alvin Gerlach, vice president of the NDA. “I believe the tournaments will run faster as players will not be standing in line to get quarters and they will not be taking time to plug the boards. “

With these changes, the next few months provide a great opportunity to become involved in the NDA. The excitement of Regionals is in the air as these affordable tournaments are within driving distance for a large number of NDA members, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of Team Dart May 1-9, in Las Vegas.  

Classified by skill rating, NDA tournaments provide a competitive experience where players play those of similar ability.  From beginner to master players, everyone has a level and a chance to win. NDA tournaments are fun and affordable, and award more winners than any other soft-tip dart tournaments.

Any NDA-sanctioned player meeting the eligibility requirements may compete in NDA tournaments. The use of CompuSport online bracketing technology speeds up play and makes the tournament more interactive for players and those wishing to follow along at home.

At the end of the day, the NDA remains an organization dedicated to supporting the coin-operated vending industry.

Operators interested in NDA membership for access to exclusive tournament opportunities may contact the NDA at 800.808.9884 or email info@NDAdarts.com.  Full tournament details and more information on the NDA can be found online at www.NDAdarts.com.


The NDA is an international trade association of coin-operated vending companies representing approximately 250 members and 48,000 players worldwide. The NDA was formed by and for coin machine operators to promote the sport of electronic darting exclusively on operator-owned equipment. The Association offers a variety of programs, materials and supplies to support its members in increasing the profitability of their dart operations. The NDA and Team Dart is sponsored by the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA), Arachnid, Inc., Cyberdine d.o.o., Gaelco Darts S.L., NSM-Löwen Entertainment.

For more information about membership in the NDA, its annual international Team Dart competition, NDA Junior or Regional Tournaments or biennial League SMART educational conference,