NDA Welcomes CompuSport

October 7, 2016

Earlier this week, Nil Gaudet, one of the founding partners of CompuSport, visited NDA headquarters in Mokena, Illinois, for some staff education. As many operators and players know, Nil’s company and its tournament system has been a true game changer in the way dart and pool events are run. Here’s a couple of things about Nil and CompuSport:

—Nil is the youngest of 10 children. Born in northwestern Quebec (about seven hours north of Toronto), not far from where the company is headquartered, Nil related that one of the ways that he and his father “bonded” was by playing pool together. After college, he picked up the game again and was the guy who always kept track of schedules and stats for his league. Nil and David Bouchard, a colleague and programmer he met when they were both working together at the university, started to informally address the lack of an organized, computerized system for handling things like tournament scheduling, player tracking, etc., so they, along with Francis Cote, created their own system in 2009 and started CompuSport in 2012. The three are now partners in the growing CompuSport firm. 

—CompuSport has caught the attention of not only the U.S. dart and pool tournament community, but back home in Canada as well, where it has received financial support as promising innovative technology from both the Quebec and Canadian governments to help stimulate its growth.

—Since 2013, CompuSport has been providing services to NDA at Team Dart, its regional events and the association’s Junior Tournament as well. The quality of their product is only surpassed by their quality of service and support. Maybe that’s why Nil is still spending so much time on the road these days, providing hands-on training to customers and bringing back ideas on ways to improve the brand and its range of offerings.

—And even though Nil and his colleagues—David, Francis and Christian—are clocking countless hours developing new features and continuing to build the company, when he’s back home you can still find him in his local Wednesday night pool leagues playing with his pals.

Thanks for stopping by, Nil.