NDA Welcomes New Manufacturer Sponsor

November 12, 2010
The National Dart Association announced the approval of Gaelco Darts, as a new Manufacturer Sponsor. The final decision was made at the Association’s Board of Directors meeting January 29.
Gaelco Dart’s addition will enhance the ongoing success of the NDA, as well as compliment its current list of manufacturer sponsors, which includes Arachnid Inc., Cyberdine d.o.o., Medalist Corporation, NSM-Löwen Entertainment and Shelti Inc.
As the governing body for the sport of soft-tip, electronic darting, the NDA establishes rules of play and sanctions players. The Association also represents coin-operated vending company operators who run dart leagues. In both roles, the NDA benefits from having all major dart manufacturers in the industry as part of the Association. “This is a great partnership for the NDA,” said newly elected Board President Chris Warren. “Gaelco Dart’s approval brings added value to membership in the NDA, and we hope it will increase NDA league systems and interest in the sport of electronic darts worldwide.”
Gaelco is incorporated in Spain with 25 years of experience as a manufacturer in the coin-op industry. Their goal has always been to offer products that incorporate the latest technology and innovation. In particular, Gaelco Darts’ games offer virtual and online capabilities, together with video recordings of games for control and refereeing. Their technology is patented in Europe, the United States and Japan. Since the launch of their dart board, Radikal Darts, they have seen a dramatic growth in number of units sold and players registered. Their dart games are present in many countries in Europe and Asia and they have more than 200,000 registered players.
The NDA is an international trade association of coin-operated vending companies representing approximately 300 members and 250,000 players worldwide. The NDA was formed by and for coin machine operators to promote the sport of electronic darting exclusively on operator-owned equipment. The Association offers a variety of programs, materials, and supplies to support its members in increasing the profitability of their dart operations. The NDA and Team Dart is sponsored by the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA), Arachnid, Inc., Cyberdine d.o.o., Gaelco Darts, Medalist Corporation, NSM-Löwen Entertainment, and Shelti, Inc.