Open Letter from the President and Executive Director of the National Dart Association

August 3, 2012

In light of recent additions to the electronic darting manufacturing market, we believe it is important to convey the National Dart Association’s (NDA) position regarding Team Dart Qualifying Equipment and NDA Membership.

The NDA has a strict rule on what constitutes eligible Team Dart Qualifying Equipment. These same rules have been in place for several years, last modified by the Board of Directors in 2009. These rules are in place for several reasons, namely the following:

  • NDA Manufacturers Sponsors’ equipment has been through an extensive verification process certifying the equipment meets NDA specifications and properly calculates Points Per Dart (PPD) and Marks Per Round (MPR) as outlined in the NDA Policy Manual.
  • Ensuring the statistics that NDA bases tournament classification on maintains the integrity of the international tournament.
  • Non-qualifying equipment cannot be present in league locations, even if play is on qualifying equipment, because the NDA cannot verify play occurred on the qualifying equipment.

To read the relevant sections of the Policy Manual, click here.

For a complete description of a Team Dart Qualifying Equipment, click here.

In addition, it is important to note all dart manufacturers are eligible to apply to the NDA, and if membership criteria are met, can be a Manufacturer Sponsor and be eligible to provide Team Dart Qualifying Equipment. At this time, there are no pending Manufacturer Sponsor applications.

In closing, we want to assure our Charter Holders and sanctioned players that we are continually working to support our coin-operated vending companies along with the growth of electronic darting.


Marcia Petersen                                                                           Leslie Murphy, CAE, FASAE

NDA President                                                                                 NDA Executive Director 


About the NDA
The NDA is an international trade association of coin-operated vending companies representing approximately 300 members and 250,000 players worldwide. The NDA was formed by and for coin machine operators to promote the sport of electronic darting exclusively on operator-owned equipment. The Association offers a variety of programs, materials and supplies to support its members in increasing the profitability of their dart operations. The NDA and Team Dart are sponsored by the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA), Arachnid, Inc., Cyberdine d.o.o., Gaelco Darts S.L., Medalist Corporation, NSM-Löwen Entertainment and Shelti.