Team Dart’s 25th Anniversary a Success

November 8, 2010
Soft-tip dart players across the world gathered at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the AMOA-National Dart Association’s Team Dart XXV, held April 16-24. This year, Team Dart boasted more than 12,000 event entrants from four countries competing for over $500,000 in prize money. 
Unique from other tournaments, the National Dart Association prides itself on offering a tournament for players of all skill levels ranging from beginners to professionals. All participants are classified into levels according to their individual or team’s skill rating. In fact, there are anywhere from 3 to 16 levels in any one event each year depending on the number and skill levels of entries. And all levels in Open events pay the same amount of money for each place, be it Level 1 or Level 16.
The Association’s Charter Holders work very hard all year to provide opportunities for their sanctioned players to compete in leagues and become eligible for the annual Team Dart tournament. Approximately 155 NDA operators sent teams to Team Dart this year. Team Dart entry qualifications include being an NDA sanctioned player and playing at least 96 league games in a specified period for the NDA coin-op vending company who enters the player in the tournament.
Team Dart XXV kicked off Saturday and Sunday, April 17-18, with Singles and Doubles Cricket and 501. Players had the option of participating in up to 10 events throughout the nine days of competition.
Team Dart XXV events included:
  • Open Singles 501, Levels 1-16
  • Open Masters Singles 501 DI/DO, Levels A & B
  • Ladies Masters Singles 501 DI/DO
  • Open Singles Cricket, Levels 1-19
  • Open Masters Singles Cricket, Levels A & B
  • Ladies Masters Singles Cricket
  • Open Doubles 501, Levels 1-11
  • Open Masters Doubles 501 DI/DO
  • Ladies Masters Doubles 501 DI/DO
  • Open Doubles Cricket, Levels 1-12
  • Open Masters Doubles Cricket
  • Ladies Masters Doubles Cricket
  • Mixed Doubles Combo, Levels 1-5
  • Masters Mixed Doubles Combo
  • Open Team Cricket, Levels 1-5
  • Open Masters Team Cricket
  • Ladies Masters Team Cricket
  • Senior Singles Combo, Levels 1-4
  • Open Team 501, Level 1-4
  • Open Masters Team 501 DI/DO
  • Ladies Masters Team 501 DI/DO
  • Open Mixed Doubles 501, Level 1-4
  • Masters Mixed Doubles 501
  • Mixed Triples 701, Levels 1-4
  • Mixed Masters Triples 701
An international competition would not be complete without an International Challenge. Teams from Canada, Germany, Spain and the United States competed Wednesday, April 21 for international bragging rights until next year’s competition. The German Men’s team defeated the U.S. thus taking the Men’s title after a four year streak. The German Women’s team defeated the U.S. Women’s team for the second time. A special thanks to Team USA sponsor, Mike Bates with Dart Masters.
Final results for the International Challenge are as follows:
Men’s International Challenge
1st Place         Germany
2nd Place        USA
3rd Place         Spain
4th Place         Canada
Women’s International Challenge
1st Place         Germany
2nd Place        USA
3rd Place         Spain
4th Place         Canada
Top overall money winners for this year’s event were Stacy Bromberg with D & B Electronic Darts in Nevada and Scott Miller with Reid Sales Music Company in Indiana.
Top shooters in each level in Team Cricket and 501, with a minimum of 24 games played during the tournament, receive Top Gun awards. This year’s Top Gun recipients are:
Open Team Cricket:
Joerg Goga                              Masters                        DSAB EV                                 Germany        
Yolanda Barba Galera               Ladies Masters             FEDE-Adreim SL                       Spain
Matt Thom                               Level 1                          Darts Plus, LLC                         Lenexa, KS
Mark Gascoigne                       Level 2                         Sam’s Amusement Company      Kenosha, WI
Rick Hughart                            Level 3                         City Amusement Enterprises       Huntington, WV
Wayne Malone                         Level 4                         NTS                                          Omaha, NE
David Garcia                            Level 5                         Ellis Darts                                  Colorado Springs, CO
Open Team 501:
Julio Barbero Gonzalez            Masters                       FEDE-Adreim SL                    Spain
Janine Wagener                      Ladies Masters             DSAB EV                              Germany
John Gemini                            Level 1                        Dartz Alpha                            Sycamore, IL
Ron Smith                               Level 2                        Troy Vending                          Phoenix, AZ
David Vaughn                          Level 3                        Higgerson Amusement            Benton, IL
Scot Fisher                             Level 4                        Derrick Music Company           Red House, WV
During the Monday night Opening Ceremony, the NDA inducted Tami Norberg-Paulsen, current Director of Business for Paulsen Architects, and Sam Zammuto, President of Arachnid Inc., into the NDA Hall of Fame. Their contributions to the NDA are invaluable and deserve to be recognized at the highest level. For their dedicated service, Chris Warren, NDA President, presented them with Hall of Fame awards.
Also during the Opening Ceremony, the NDA thanked its sponsors for their continued support of the Tournament and the Association. In attendance to accept their awards were Jack Kelleher, current Executive Vice President of the Amusement & Music Operators Association, Sam Zammuto with Arachnid, Inc., Mate Vukoja with Cyberdine d.o.o., Frans Jonkers with Gaelco Darts S.L., Chris Peppard with Medalist Corporation, Helmut Schneller with NSM-Löwen Entertainment and Cathy Scarbrough with Shelti. The following NDA manufacturer sponsors, Arachnid, Inc., Cyberdine d.o.o., Medalist Corporation, NSM-Löwen Entertainment and Shelti, provided 319 dartboards for the tournament floor. It was on these machines that the best of the best battled for the title of World Champion. Manufacturers also provided games in their onsite booth for players to enjoy outside of competition.
The hard work and dedication of the Team Dart Tournament Committee, Administrative and Tournament Staff, Referees and Set-up Crew was also recognized. Honored staff included:
Tournament Committee
  • Britt Bruner
  • Reggie Horak
  • Maggie Jones
  • Cora Mahoney
  • Larry McEntire 
  • Dawn Orloff-Niesen
  • Robert Tolliver
Administrative and Tournament Staff
  • Stacy Altman
  • Julie Bangs
  • Tyler Brown
  • Larry Buckwalter
  • Ana Cabezas
  • Todd Coughlin
  • Andrea Cowan
  • Stephane Dirand
  • Keri Dorsey
  • Bill Downall
  • Vee Dudley
  • Stan Garcia
  • Alvin Gerlach
  • Teresa Hammersmith
  • Tim Hammersmith
  • Brian Harms
  • Shannon Harrington
  • Craig Hoglund
  • J. L. Hudson
  • Mary Jacobs
  • Marccus Marsh
  • Marinna Marsh
  • Marissa Marsh
  • Maxsonn Marsh
  • Paulette Marsh
  • Rene McGarvey
  • Judy Mehle
  • Terry Meier
  • Michelle Miller
  • Leslie Murphy
  • Tim Murphy
  • Ora Norris
  • Darrin Olheiser
  • Robin O’Neal
  • Jason Paterchak
  • Kim Paugh
  • Marcia Petersen
  • Alyssa Pfennig
  • Stefan Reichert
  • Andrea Roddy
  • Patty Salisbury
  • Ponnie Sampson
  • Dave Schultz
  • Diane Shea
  • Mike Stempowski
  • Randy Torres
  • Colton Travis
  • Jim Travis
  • Fred Tupper
  • Austin Vance
  • Katie Voorhest
  • Rhiannon Waltman
  • Chris Warren
  • Lloyd Williamson
Certified Referees
  • Susan Byers
  • Bernie Marsh
  • Marriah Marsh
  • Larry McEntire
  • Randy Oliver
  • Mark Peace
  • Shawn Smith
  • Robert Tolliver
Thanks to Menifee Valley Awards & Productions, Laramie Screen Printing and A-Z Darts for their continued support of the NDA and Team Dart. For information on these companies’ products and services visit the following Web sites: Menifee Valley Awards & Productions -; Laramie Screen Printing -; A-Z Darts -
2011 Team Dart will be held at Bally’s Las Vegas April 29- May 7, 2011. Reserve your room at Bally’s by calling 800.634.3434. Watch for details at
The NDA is an international trade association of coin-operated vending companies representing approximately 300 members and 250,000 players worldwide. The NDA was formed by and for coin machine operators to promote the sport of electronic darting exclusively on operator-owned equipment. The Association offers a variety of programs, materials, and supplies to support its members in increasing the profitability of their dart operations. The NDA and Team Dart is sponsored by the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA), Arachnid, Inc., Cyberdine d.o.o., Gaelco Darts S.L., Medalist Corporation, NSM-Löwen Entertainment, and Shelti.