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Prior to March 11
Player changes or substitutions must be in writing from the Charter Holder and include player documentation as required for entries. These changes can be made via mail, email, fax or by logging in to the NDA website, www.NDAdarts.com, and clicking on Tournament Entry.  These substitutions can be done without regard for player skill level and teams will be classified on the new player’s skill level.
After March 11 - Onsite Alternate Rule 
Onsite alternates can be used by a team as long as the Tournament Committee has approved the change 30 minutes prior to the day’s event. An alternate must be from the same Charter Holder and meet all the player requirements noted in Player/Team Eligibility. Alternate players must be rated equal to or less than the player they are replacing. It is recommended that possible alternates be submitted, with their statistics, prior to the tournament by your operator to avoid delays. Onsite approval for alternates not already participating in the tournament can be requested by a Charter Holder, with appropriate league statistics, within the time-frame noted. For ladies masters and mixed events, the alternate player must also be of the same gender. No roster changes are allowed in finals. Absolutely no one can serve as an alternate on more than one team per event. Any players on your team roster for that event may be rotated in match-by-match, not between games.