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In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, players and Charter Holders must also comply with the following:

1. All players must be entered with their highest known player-skill rating, from league, for the qualifying period. This is the responsibility of the Charter Holder. Accuracy of player abilities are dependent upon proper submission and documentation from the Charter Holder. All Charter Holders are bound by the Code of Ethics of the NDA.

2. The highest known player skill rating is determined by taking the highest player-skill (PPD/MPR) rating from a league season for the qualifying period of May 11, 2018 - February 12, 2019, including the current league season (remember this must be a minimum of 24 games in the format that you are entering in no less than eight (8)    weeks of league play in the same league season).

For example, Pete played in the following leagues for Acme Vending:

PPD 23.50

PPD 25.50

Summer 2018 ending August 30

Fall 2018 ending December 15

Spring 2019 in play with 24 games over eight weeks at time of submission

PPD 25.75

The highest know player-skill rating for this player for tournament entry would be the 25.75 PPD from the spring 2018 season currently in session. When providing player skills, the figure should be carried out two digits past the decimal.

Do not enter performance skills from a previous Team Dart. The system will automatically review Team Dart 2017 skills and will use that skill if it is the highest. Only enter highest league-ending statistics.

3. Player ability assessment may be determined by the tournament committee by any of the following criteria:

A. Player-skill rating (as described previously).

B. Review of previous NDA tournament performance, specifically but not limited to Team Dart 2018.

C. Examination of overall local league ratings.

D. Known ability.

All decisions by the Tournament Committee are final.

4. Master-rated criteria:

A. Players with the player– skill rating of 32 PPD or 3.5 MPR will be considered Masters Players in all events and will play in Masters singles events and no lower than level 1 in doubles, triples, and team events. Teams that meet/ exceed the following team sums will be considered Masters teams:

Event                           Team Max                    Doubles Max                 Singles Max

Open '01                      128 PPD                      64 PPD                          32 PPD

Open Cricket                 14 MPR                       7 MPR                           3.5 MPR

Mixed Doubles Combo                                      6.5 MPR             3.5 MPR and 32 PPD

Mixed Triples Combo      10 MPR                                                3.5 MPR and 32 PPD

B. Master rating may also be awarded to players who:

1. Are without a verifiable player-skill rating (e.g. Double In/Double Out statistics). These players will play in Masters only.

2. Placed in the money in a NDA Master’s level event in the last year.

3. Are a master rated player in one event.

4. Show “known ability” by top placement in a NDA manufacturer sponsor’s major tournament. Pro lists will be reviewed but not automatically placed into Masters.

5. Are “dominant players” in either soft or steel-tip darting.

C. No Master-rated player will be permitted to participate below level one.

D. Two Master-rated players on ANY team must play at the Masters’ level.

E. For Mixed Triples Combo, both the Open Cricket and ‘01 player rating will be used to determine Master-rated players.

F. Ladies that choose to register for non-“Ladies Masters” events (singles, doubles, mixed doubles and team) will be classified based on the Master criteria.

6. Standardized league results are the only accepted statistics. All recorded player-skill ratings are achieved using the actual darts thrown. In addition, the following are standard formats for game play to calculate a player-skill rating:

‘01                                                           Cricket
Open In/Open Out format                           8- foot foul line
8-foot foul line                                           15 1/2" target face

15 1/2" target face                                     Split 50/25- point bull's-eye
Full 50-point bull’s-eye

Consistent tracking of player-skill ratings for each event is required. Submission of these ratings must show the cumulative accomplishments of each player. Failure to properly track or use of non-standard formats (e.g. Double In/Double Out) will force a player and team to be moved to a Masters event.

Player Classification