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1. Tournament entry privileges are only extended to Charter Holder members that have met the following qualifications:

A. Are in good standing and current with all dues, fees and payables.

B. Have official league statistics on file with the NDA. League schedules, team rosters and first week statistics should be sent within 15 days of the first week of play for each sanctioned league. Middle week and final week statistics should be sent within 15 days of the date played.

C. League locations can only have dart machines that meet the definition of Qualifying Equipment (see item # 3 below) in order for players to qualify for Team Dart in that location.

NOTE: New NDA Charter Holders must also adhere to Section 4.9 of the NDA Policy Manual.

2. Sanctioning Requirement: A declaration of sanctioning is required for each NDA tournament. This can be completed online or a form will be sent with player entry certificates. Members who do not submit majority-sanctioning declarations are assumed not to meet the minimum requirements.

a. 95% or Majority Sanctioning - Full tournament eligibility is reserved for Charter Holder members that meet the majority sanctioning commitment of 95% of their entire league system (See item c below). This eligibility allows those who meet the 95% sanction requirement unlimited entries.

b. Less than 95% Sanctioning - Restricted tournament eligibility is afforded to Charter Holders that do not meet the majority sanctioning commitment. This eligibility allows the following:

For every 100 players sanctioned, 4 players are eligible to attend Team Dart

Exception: Charter Holders in the first two years of membership in the AMOA-NDA, that have not previously entered team(s) in Team Dart, will have a one-time waiver of the 95% sanctioning requirement. This waiver allows unlimited participation.

c. The “entire league system” refers to all leagues played, in any format, on equipment owned and operated by a

Charter Holder (i.e. traveling, in-house, remote). All league players should be sanctioned after 3 weeks of league play.

Sanctioning the “entire league system” means that the Charter Holder does not have any leagues where players are not sanctioned by the NDA.

3. Qualifying Equipment: League locations can only have dart machines that meet the definition of Qualifying Equipment.

Only league matches/games played on electronic dart machines that correctly calculate Points Per Dart (PPD) and Marks Per Round (MPR) as outlined below are eligible for tournament entry. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to
require verification from any Charter Holder of equipment used for qualification.

Dart machines manufactured by the following companies are approved as qualifying equipment based on the specifications outlined above: Arachnid, Inc., Phoenix Darts, Gaelco Darts S.L., NSM-Löwen Entertainment

If a software or hardware kit from a non-manufacturer sponsor is installed on a previously qualifying dart machine, the machine specifications of that equipment are no longer verifiable. Therefore, that equipment can no longer be used in league play to qualify players for Team Dart.

3. Qualifying Equipment (continued): Dart machines manufactured by the following companies are approved as qualifying equipment, but will expire per the schedule below.

Through Team Dart 2019 - Shelti equipment purchased prior to July 1, 2014.

4. Remote Leagues, Remote League Co-op and Virtual Play/Competition
Remote leagues are defined as coin-operated dart leagues, run on equipment owned and operated by a single NDA Charter Holder, which involves simultaneous league play in multiple locations. Play must be head-to-head on qualifying equipment. Remote League games played for a single operator are eligible for Team Dart player qualification.
Remote League Co-op

Multiple NDA Charter Holders may form a co-op for the purpose of conducting a Remote League. In order for Remote League Co-op games to qualify for the international tournament, the co-op league must meet the following criteria:

1. Complete a co-op league application with the NDA.

2. All Charter Holders in the co-op must be NDA Charter Holder members in good standing and must sign the co-op agreement.

3. All players in the Remote Co-op League must be NDA sanctioned.

4. Co-op league play must meet the definition of Remote Leagues (See definition of term in section 7.6) and be played on NDA manufacturer sponsor equipment approved for remote play.

5. The co-op must designate which Charter Holder will serve as administrator of the remote league and agree to provide all operators in the co-op the stats for their players within 48 hours.

6. NDA bylaws, policies and related penalties apply to all operators in the co-op.

7. Games from remote league play, between approved NDA operators as outlined in the co-op agreement, will count toward league players’ 96 games requirement only for the operator whose equipment games are being played on.

8. Players can still only form a team for Team Dart from the operator whose equipment they play on. Forming teams between operators is prohibited.

Qualifying Equipment