Glossary of Terms

Here are some common terms or phrases that you will be hearing as a sanctioned player for NDA.

Actual Darts Thrown
Counting the actual darts that are used, not passed, in a match. Only approved means of tracking feats for the NDA's Team Dart Tournament.

A player is blocked when his or her partner's score is higher than the combined score of their opponents. The player may still throw to get his or her points lower but cannot go out without losing the game because of his or her partner's high score. The following will result in a loss: When a player reaches 0 but his or her partner's score is not equal to or lower than their opponents combined score. Remember you can go out on a tie.

Classified League
Any league which consists of teams with similar or closely matched team averages.

When a team has scored 3 Marks on the same number or Bull's Eye in Cricket.

Various darting accomplishments. (See: Player Achievements)

A player is frozen when his or her score is at 1 point (2 points in "Double Out") and his or her partner's score is higher than the combined score of their opponents. The player may not get his score any lower without losing the game.

The individual components of a dart match.

Geographic League
Any league which consists of teams from the same area or location of town.

Teams consisting of only females.

All teams that compete directly against each other in a season.

League Division
Teams in a specified combination or skill level.

League System
All of the operator's leagues.

Any throw that registers on a number either to help close the number or score points. The Single segment portion of the Cricket number scores 1 mark. The Doubles segment scores 2 marks while the Triple segment scores 3 marks. The outer portion of the Bull's Eye scores 1 mark and the inner section scores 2 marks.

Marks Per Round (MPR)
The system for averaging the "marks" that a player throws each turn in a game of Cricket. The higher the MPR, the better the player.

The sum total of games played per league night.

Mixed Doubles
Teams made up of a equal number of males and females. In each game a female and male throw together.

Teams made up of any combination of males and/or females.

Points Per Dart (PPD)
The system for averaging the points that a player throws each dart in an '01 game. The higher the PPD the better the player.

Passed Darts
Darts not thrown during a round or game for one reason or another.

This is defined as a player/team's turn during a game. Each player has the option of throwing 0, 1, 2 or 3 darts each round.

Spot Darts
A way of handicapping players, teams and leagues. The better the player the fewer darts he/she would be permitted to throw at the beginning of the game.

Spot Round(s)
The first or opening rounds of a spot handicapped game.

A player is entitled to a maximum of 3 darts per turn. A player may opt to throw 0, 1, 2 or 3 darts.

When a team has 2 or less Marks on a number or Bull's Eye.