Player Correctable Features

It is each player's responsibility to see that the machine is displaying the appropriate player's number prior to throwing the darts. Play is stopped immediately when the infraction is noticed.

The backup feature should be used to correct the following player errors:

  • Shooting out of turn.
  • Wrong player shooting.
  • Manually scored darts.

The correction must be made in the turn the error occurred, prior to the next player throwing a dart. Both team captains must agree the error falls within the above categories to use the backup feature. Otherwise, a referee must be called. The backup feature can be used two times per game. If the backup button must be pushed more than one time consecutively to correct the error, this counts as only one use of the feature. The referee may override the use of the backup feature at his/her discretion if deemed appropriate. If a player has thrown no more than three darts during his/her turn, he/she will be allowed to make use of the backup feature per the following rules. The backup feature can be used no more than twice, by either team, during a game. After the second use of the backup feature, any infraction will be treated as a foul and a referee must be called.

  • Both team captains must agree to the use of the backup feature and the only uses for this feature are those described as follows.
  • If the player throws while the machine is displaying that player's partner or an opponent's number, this will not constitutes a foul. If the player has thrown no more than three darts, the backup feature should be used in the presence of both team captains to remove the darts thrown by that player. The game then proceeds normally with the correct player shooting next.
  • If a player throws all three darts on his/her partner's score and the following opponent throws his/her darts before the infraction is noticed A REFEREE MUST BE CALLED. The backup feature will be used to remove all darts involved in the infraction. Play will restart with the correct player from the offending team. The following opponent would have the option of rethrowing or keeping his/her original score.
  • Manually scored points: On an opponent's score, player's own score or partner's score uses the backup feature to remove the manually scored points. Advance player change button to the correct player position and continue play.