Scoresheets and Match Statistics

All players are required to complete scoresheets with proper feat tracking. This is mandatory for all teams for the following reasons:

  • To confirm bracket assignments
  • To monitor progress
  • To announce post-tournament awards
  • To record individual accomplishments
  • To announce post-tournament listing and ranking of individual players and teams

Game statistics and legible scoresheets are mandatory during classified event tournament play. If a scoresheet is submitted after a match without statistics for any games, the following rulings will apply:

  • The losing team shall retrieve statistics after each game. If one team member does anything that causes statistics not to be recorded, STOP. Follow the instructions provided on the back of the scoresheet to retrieve scores. If unable to record statistics, the team causing the problem will receive a loss, and the opponent will receive a win for that game.
  • If statistics are not recorded because the game was played and the machine was not correctly set up, the game will not count for either team.
  • It is the responsibility of both teams to see that the machine is in the TEAM PLAY mode. This is indicated by a lit button or display on the screen.
  • It is the responsibility of the team captains to record this information LEGIBLY on the scoresheets for each game played. A signed and submitted scoresheet will indicate that the statistics are complete, accurate and authentic. Incomplete, inaccurate or illegible scoresheets can cause forfeit.

If no one touches the machine after each game, you will have the following amount of time to record the information needed:

  • Arachnid Galaxy 3:  Unlimited (Must use button to stop)
  • Shelti Eye2:  2 minutes
  • Medalist Avanti Elite:  2 minutes
  • Valley Cougar 8:  3 Minutes