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2021 Junior Tournament

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For Immediate Release:  Wednesday, April 15, 2020

 NDA Announces Cancellation of Junior Tournament

With the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic--including the status on completing  current school years and the ability for some players to complete the required number of qualified games—the AMOA-National Dart Association (NDA) is cancelling the 2020 Junior Tournament that was scheduled for June 5-7 in Omaha, NE.

“We were holding out hope that there would be more clarity and optimism about conducting this special tournament for our young players,” said NDA President Pat Webb, “but with all the unknowns and the shrinking window of time between now and early June, the chances of having enough players to hold the type of quality, worthwhile experience they expect and deserve were not good.   We regret this disappointing action, but given the circumstances, there really is no other option.”

Right now, details are being worked out to conduct the Junior Tournament back at the Wisconsin Dells in 2021 and 2023, and to be held in Omaha in 2022 and 2024.   NDA will confirm once these plans are finalized.

More information will follow as plans are confirmed.   In the meantime, please contact NDA with questions or updates at:   [email protected] or call:  708-326-7110.

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2021 Junior Tournament Details Coming Soon!

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Tournament Schedule 


9 a.m.  Singles Cricket - All Levels

3 p.m.  Singles '01 - All Levels


9 a.m.  Doubles Cricket - All Levels

4 p.m.  Triples Combo - All Levels


8 a.m. Doubles '01 - All Levels


Entry Fees:

  • Singles  $30 ($20 entry fee + $5 admin fee + $5 prepaid player fee)
  • Doubles $60 ($40 entry fee + $10 admin fee + $10 prepaid player fee)
  • Triples  $90 ($60 entry fee + $15 admin fee + $15 prepaid player fee)

Please Note: A $10 per certificate late fee will be assessed for all entries ordered after 

Quarters will no longer be required at the tournament. Tournament play and practicing will be free onsite.

100% of entry fees will be returned in prizes for the kids.

 Skill Levels:

Each event is leveled based on player-skill, allowing fun and friendly competition for all.   All open levels in an event have the same payout amount, 

so all levels of players have a chance to win.   Event Doubles’ Maximum

  • Open Doubles Cricket   7.5 MPR
  • Open Doubles ‘01   65 PPD
  • Mixed Triples Combo 10 MPR (NO PPD CAP)

Event Format:

  • All events will be double elimination.
  • Races will be determined based on level after classification of the tournament.
  • All ‘01 games will be 501. Round limit is 20.
  • Players will play Cricket 200. Round limit is 25.

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