35th Anniversary ~ 2021 Team Dart 

April 15-21, 2021

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Statement on Cancellation of the 2020 NDA Team Dart:

March 13, 2020:

In response to the heightened concerns associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic, and to ensure the safety and well-being of its players and others participating in the upcoming NDA International Team Dart Tournament in Las Vegas, NDA’s leadership is subscribing to the  extreme precautionary measures adopted by other organizations and is hereby cancelling the April 2-8, 2020 Team Dart event at the Paradise Event Center in Westgate Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

“We regret that conditions and timing forced this decision,” said NDA President Pat Webb.   “We were so much looking forward to our 35th anniversary Team Dart and our board, Tournament Committee, volunteers and staff join our players in being deeply disappointed that it will not go on as planned next month.  While not all will agree with this action, we hope the NDA darting community will understand and respect the rationale for it.    We thank everyone for their patience and ongoing support.”

 “It is indeed unfortunate there will be no annual Team Dart in the traditional time slot this year, as it is the ‘crown jewel’ of NDA events and a highlight of the darting season for all of us,” Webb said.   “As such, we are looking ahead with great anticipation to the April 15-21, 2021 Team Dart tournament at the Paradise Event Center in Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.”

In the meantime, NDA encourages its players, operators, manufacturers, staff, Team Dart volunteers, partners and vendors to focus on staying safe, healthy and happy with their loved ones during these challenging times.



Thursday April 15

4:00 p.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Onsite Registration for Blind Draw
6:30 p.m. Know the Rules Testing/ Player Orientation Meeting
7:00 p.m. Opening Night Blind Draw/ Player Party
Free Beer while Supplies Last

Friday April 16

6:00 a.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
8:00 a.m. Team 501 Round 1– All Levels
6:00 p.m. Doubles 501– All Levels

Saturday April 17

9:00 a.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
10:00 a.m. Team 501 Round 2– Master Finals
2:30 p.m. Referee Certification Course
4:00 p.m. Doubles Cricket– All Levels

Sunday April 18

7:00 a.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
8:00 a.m. Team 501 Finals
11:00 a.m. International Challenge
6:00 p.m. Singles 501– All Levels
6:00 p.m. NEW! Pink Ladies Event: Doubles 501

Monday April 19

7:00 a.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
8:00 a.m. Team Cricket Round 1– All Levels
5:00 p.m. Singles Cricket– All Levels

Tuesday April 20

9:00 a.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
10:00 a.m. Team Cricket Round 2– Master Finals
6:00 p.m. Mixed Triples Combo– All Levels
6:00 p.m. Senior Singles

Wednesday April 21

8:00 a.m. NDA Registration Desk/ Tournament Hall Open
9:00 a.m. Team Cricket Finals
4:00 p.m. Mixed Doubles Combo– All Levels


Coming Soon!

Please check back with US at a later date!

Next April, a pair of two high-profile brands in the electronic darts industry will collaborate for the first time, as part of a promotional/fundraising effort during the 2020 Team Dart Tournament in Las Vegas. The Pink Ladies Dart League will team up with the AMOA-National Dart Association (NDA) for a special event, a Doubles 501 competition, on Sunday evening, April 18 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Open to all ladies who qualify for 2020 Team Dart* (see the Captain’s Book on the NDA website), the event is designed to spread awareness about the Pink Ladies Dart League and the breast cancer cause it represents.

“We’re delighted to put the spotlight on the Pink Ladies Dart League during the industry’s premier international tournament in the entertainment capital of the world—Las Vegas,” said Randy Oliver, one of the founders of the Pink Ladies program and member of the NDA board.

Besides meeting the tournament’s qualifications, the only requirements for participating in the Pink Ladies event at next year’s Team Dart: be a female player…and to wear something pink!   Note, ladies who sign up for this event will not be able to participate in the Singles 501 event that will be conducted concurrently that evening.

All proceeds raised at the event will be directed to the Pink Ladies Dart League.

More details will be coming soon.   In the meantime, please contact NDA at [email protected] or 800-808-9884 with questions or for more information.

1. Tournament entry privileges are only extended to Charter Holder members that have met the following qualifications:

  • Are in good standing and current with all dues, fees, and payables.
  • Have official league statistics on file with the NDA. League schedules, team rosters, and first week statistics should be sent within 15 days of the first week of play for each sanctioned league. Middle week and final week statistics should be sent within 15 days of the date played.
  • League locations can only have dart machines that meet the definition of Qualifying Equipment (see item # 3 below) in order for players to qualify for Team Dart in that location.

2. Sanctioning Requirement: A Declaration of sanctioning is required for each NDA Tournament. This can be completed online or a form will be sent with player entry certificates. Members who do not submit majority– sanctioning declarations are assumed not to meet the minimum requirements.

  • 95% or Majority Sanctioning– Full Tournament eligibility is reserved for Charter holder members that meet the majority sanctioning commitment of 95% of their entire league system. (See item C below) This eligibility allows those who meet the 95% sanction requirements unlimited entries.
  • Less than 95% Sanctioning– Restricted tournament eligibility is afforded to Charter Holders that do not meet the majority sanctioning commitment. This eligibility allows the following: For every 100 players sanctioned, 4 players are eligible to attend Team Dart. Exception: Charter Holder in the first two years of membership in the AMOA-NDA, that have not previously entered team(s) in Team Dart, will have a one– time waiver of the 95% sanctioning requirement. This waiver allows unlimited participation.
  • The “entire league system” refers to all leagues played, in any format on equipment owned and operated by a Charter Holder (i.e. traveling, in-house, remote). All league players should be sanctioned after 3 weeks of league play. Sanctioning the “entire league system” means that the Charter Holder does not have any leagues where players are not sanctioned by the NDA.

3. Qualifying Equipment: League locations can only have dart machines that meet the definition of Qualifying Equipment. Only league matches/ games played on electronic dart machines that correctly calculate Points Per Dart (PPD) and Marks Per Round (MPR) as outlined below are eligible for Tournament entry. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to require verification from any Charter Holder of equipment used for qualification.

Dart machines manufactured by the following companies are approved as qualifying equipment based on the specifications outlined above: Arachnid, Inc., Gaelco Darts S.L., NSM– Loewen Entertainment,Phoenix Dart.

If a software or hardware kit from a non-manufacturer sponsor is installed on a previously qualifying dart machine, the machine specifications of that equipment are no longer verifiable. Therefore, that  equipment can no longer be used in league play to qualify players for Team Dart.

4. Remote Leagues, Remote Leagues Co-Op, and Virtual Play/ Competition

Remote leagues are defined as coin-operated dart leagues, run on equipment owned and operated by a single NDA Charter Holder, which involves simultaneous league play in multiple locations. Play must be head-to-head on qualifying equipment. Remote League games played for a single operator are eligible for Team Dart player qualification.

Remote League Co-Op

Multiple NDA Charter Holders may form a co-op for the purpose of conducting a Remote League. In order for Co-op League (remote or traveling) games to qualify for Team Dart and other NDA tournaments, the co-op league must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete and submit a Co-Op League application to the NDA. This can be done by the individual assigned as the administrator of the Remote Co-Op League.
  • All vendors in the co-op must be NDA Charter Holder members in good standing and must sign the co-op signature form.
  • All players in the Co-Op league must be NDA sanctioned.
  • Remote Co-Op league competition must be played on NDA manufacturer sponsor equipment approved for NDA league play.
  • The co-op must designate an individual from one of the participating Charter Holders who will serve as the administrator of the co-op league. The administrator agrees to provide all operators in the co-op the stats for their players within 48 hours.
  • NDA bylaws, policies and related penalties apply to all operators in the co-op.
  • Games played in an NDA co-op league (traveling or remote) will count toward league players' game requirements for Team Dart and other NDA tournaments ONLY FOR THE OPERATOR WHOSE EQUIPMENT GAMES ARE BEING PLAYED ON.
  • Players are allowed to form a team for Team Dart or other NDA tournaments from their operator whose equipment they play on. FORMING TEAMS BETWEEN TWO OPERATORS FOR NDA EVENTS IS PROHIBITED.
  • Please note that virtual play—defined as dart leagues operated in multiple locations with play occurring at different times is not allowed as part of NDA co-op leagues. As such, virtual play games do not qualify for Team Dart or other NDA tournaments.

Contact Kim Freese for a league co-op application at [email protected] or 800.808.9884

All tournament players must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age and comply with regulations of local, state, and federal laws in which they compete in leagues. Prize vouchers may only be cashed on-site for those 21 years of age. 
  2. Be sanctioned by the NDA for the 2020-2021 membership year and play in leagues ran by an NDA Charter Holder in good standing and in compliance with all league– sanctioning guidelines.  (Only league systems that have every player sanctioned are considered sanctioned leagues.)  Compete during regular league play on qualified machines owned and operated by an NDA charter.
  3. Have played a minimum of 96 league games between (dates coming soon).  Qualifying games must be obtained in no less than eight (8) separate weeks of league play. [League games can consist of ‘01 and/or Cricket with a minimum of 24 games in the format the player is entering (‘01 or Cricket)]
  4. Be entered in the tournament by the NDA Charter Holder on whose machine(s) they have completed the minimum game requirements for tournament entry.
  5. Have a NDA player– skill rating using the Points Per Dart (PPD) and/ or Marks Per Round (MPR) performance rating system for the event in which they are entered, to be classified. These  performance ratings require a player to compete in 24 games in a single season for that event. Minimum time to obtain a player-skill rating is eight (8) separate league nights in eight (8) separate weeks in the same league season. Players who have played 96 league games but do not have a valid PPD or MPR will be classified as a Master-Rated player and the Charter Holder will be billed for a Master Entry Certificate.

All tournament teams must:

    1. Choose to compete in open, master or ladies masters but cannot compete in more than one for a single.
    2. Declare a full team roster, including substitutes, when entry certificates are completed.
    3. Must play for the same Charter Holder and form a tournament team meeting the above criteria.

Alternates for Doubles, Triples, and Teams:

Teams may use an alternate from the same Charter Holder as long as the alternate player has competed in the same league format as the regular players. Regular team alternate should be entered on the regular player certificate.

Violations of the above will void entries and be non-refundable.

In addition to meeting the player eligibility requirements listed on the previously, players must also comply with the following:

1. All players must be entered with their highest known player-skill rating, from league, for the qualifying period: This is the responsibility of your charter holder. Accuracy of player abilities are dependent upon the proper submission and documentation from your Charter Holder.

2. The highest known player skill rating is determined by taking the highest player-skill rating (PPD/MPR) rating from a league season for the qualifying period of April 1, 2019 – February 3, 2020, including the current league season (remember this must be a minimum of 24 games in the format that you are entering in no less than eight (8) weeks of league play in the same league

For Example, Pete played in the following leagues for ACME Vending:

Summer 2019 ending mid-August PPD 23.50
Fall 2019 ending mid-December PPD 25.50
Winter/Spring 2020 PPD 25.75

(Winter/Spring 2020 - In play with 24 games over 8 weeks at time of submissions)

The highest known player– skill rating for this player for Tournament entry would be the 25.75 PPD from the Winter/Spring 2020 season currently in session. When providing player skills, the figure should be carried out two digits past the decimal.

Do not enter performance skills from a previous Team Dart. The system will automatically review Team Dart 2019 skills and will use that skill if it is the highest. Only enter the highest league ending statistic.

3. Player ability assessment may be determined by the tournament committee by any of the following criteria:

  • Player– skill rating (as described previously).
  • Review of previous NDA tournament performance, specifically but not limited to Team Dart 2019.
  • Examination of overall local league ratings.
  • Known ability.

All decisions made by the Tournament Committee are final.

4. Master– rated criteria:

  • Players with a skill rating of 35 PPD or 3.8 MPR will be considered Masters Players and will play in Masters Singles events and no lower than level 1 in Doubles events. Individuals/teams that meet/exceed the following team sums will be considered Masters Teams.
Event Team Maximum Doubles Maximum Singles Maximum
Open '01 139.9 PPD 69.9 PPD 35 PPD
Open Cricket 15.19 PPD 7.59 MPR 3.8 MPR
Mixed Doubles Combo   6.5 MPR  
Mixed Triples Combo 10 MPR    
  • Master rating may also be awarded to players who:
    • Are without verifiable player skill rating (e.g. Double in/ Double out Statistics). These players will play in Masters only.
    • Placed in the money in an NDA Master’s level event within the last year.
    • Show “known” ability by top placement in an NDA manufacturer sponsor’s major tournament. Pro lists will be reviewed, but not automatically placed into Masters.
    • Are “dominant players” in either soft or steel-tip darting.
  • No Master– rated player will be permitted to participate below level one.
  • Two Master– rated players on ANY team must play at the Master’s level.
  • For mixed Triples Combo, both the Open Cricket and ‘01 player rating will be used to determine
    Master-rated players.
  • Ladies that choose to register for non- “Ladies Masters” events (singles, doubles, mixed
    doubles, and team) will be classified based on the Master Criteria.

5. Standardized league results are the only accepted statistics. All recorded player-skill ratings are achieved using the actual darts thrown. In addition, the following are standard formats for game play to calculate a player skill– rating:

01 Cricket
Open in/Open out format
8 foot foul line
15 ½” target face
Full 50 point bull’s eye
8 foot foul line
15 ½” target face
Split 50/25 point bull’s eye

Consistent tracking of player-skill ratings for each event is required. Submission of these ratings must show the cumulative accomplishments of each player. Failure to properly track or use of non- standard formats (e.g. Double in/ Double Out) will force a player to be moved to a Masters Event.

6. Double In/ Double Out Statistics

Fairness and competitive brackets are very important to players. Help NDA keep Team Dart fair and fun for all players by ensuring that you are submitting the correct stats for your ‘01 players.

Double in/ Double Out (Master In/ Master Out) is not a standard format for ‘01 qualification. While DI/DO games can count toward the minimum 96 game requirement, statistics from these games CANNOT BE USED to qualify players for ‘01 events. If a player has only DI/DO stats, they do not have a valid skill rating and will play in the highest level of Masters. If a player has DI/DO stats and Open In/ Open out stats, they must be kept separate and the player must have at least 24 games of OI/OO games over 8 separate weeks of play.



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 Team Dart 35th Anniversary Stand Out In the Crowd Sponsorships
We invite you to build your brand with ours at this year’s 35th Anniversary of Team Dart! We’ve put together a menu of sponsorship opportunities to help underscore your company’s commitment to the sport, to your league system and your participating players and locations. We have priced them affordably, so even the smallest of operators can be part of this “Stand Out in the Crowd” initiative!
I encourage you to promote Team Dart participation throughout your leagues, connect with your players and coin-op colleagues by attending this year’s Tournament and have some fun in Las Vegas along the way.  Please contact me with any questions and we look forward to working together with you to“Stand Out in the Crowd” at Team Dart this year.  
Consider These Ways to Show Your Players
 ‘Stand Out in the Crowd Sponsorship Opportunities’ 

Brand Some Boards.’ How about having Your Company Name on top of some Team Dart dart boards throughout the tournament?  You can pick which company’s (Arachnid, Radikal, Valley or Phoenix) equipment you want to be featured on, or we can pick them randomly on the tournament floor. 

All 12 boards in FINALS are for $1000 
Minimum four boards at $250; 10 boards for $500.  
  1. ‘Shout Out to Your Players.’ Your players have played a lot of darts on your machines to qualify for Vegas.  They are excited to go! Why not congratulate them, thank them and/or wish them well on the “world stage” Team Dart tournament through an ad in the Player Handbook (which all participants receive at registration)?
$100 for full-page; $60 for half-page—black & white. 
$300 for full-page inside back cover—color or
$400 for full-page back cover—color. 
  1. ‘Winner Take All.’The top three winners ~individuals and teams~ at Team Dart are required to have their pictures taken at the completion of their events.  These photos are placed on NDA’s website and Facebook page, distributed to trade publications and shared by countless players, friends and fans. Have your company name and logo appear on the backdrop of each and every one of these pictures. The impact lasts long after the tournament is over…they’re all winners; show you are, too.
$850—maximum two companies; or $1,500 for exclusive 
  1. ‘We Are NDA!’ Welcome Sign.  At the entrance to the Events Center, add your company’s name and logo to the list of NDA operators who comprise the organization that produces the Team Dart Tournament.
$75 for company name and logo